Easy DIY Heating Pad
Recipe type: Easy DIY Heating Pad
  1. Take your 12x20 inch piece of fabric and fold it into a long rectangle with right sides together.Easy DIY Heating Pad - Scratch Mommy
  2. You should now have a 6x20 inch rectangle.Easy DIY Heating Pad - Scratch Mommy
  3. Sew fabric down the three open sides but stop so that you have a 1-2 inch opening. You will need this opening to turn your fabric right side out and to fill the bag with rice.
  4. Turn fabric right side out.Easy DIY Heating Pad - Scratch Mommy
  5. In a bowl, combine, rice, dried lavender, and lavender essential oil (if using). Mix well. The essential oil is optional but it definitely increases the lavender scent.Easy DIY Heating Pad - Scratch Mommy
  6. Place funnel into the bag opening and begin to fill the bag with your lavender rice. The 6 cups of rice should get the bag half full which is just the amount you want.Easy DIY Heating Pad - Scratch Mommy
  7. Remove funnel. Fold the raw edges of the opening so that it matches the sewn edge. Sew the opening shut. Sewing by hand is preferred so that you cannot see the seams but if you don’t mind seeing a couple inches of seams then go ahead and use your sewing machine.
  8. You now have a DIY heating pad!Easy DIY Heating Pad (with lavender!) - Scratch Mommy
How to Use:

Warm up your heating pad in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. If you do not have a microwave, you can warm your heating pad up in the oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes or you can try warming it up in the crockpot. I've even warmed mine over low heat in a skillet, turning it often until warm throughout.
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