4 Tips for Preparing Your Homestead For Winter

Depending on where you live, preparing your homestead for winter can be as easy as packing away the lawn chairs and digging out the socks...

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Projects From Scratch

10 Tips For How To Have a Modern Hippie Holidays

What is a Modern Hippie? Well, a Modern Hippie is me, and most likely you too if you’re on this blog. A Modern Hippie wears homemade...

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Products From Scratch

Tools & Ingredients To DIY Your Own Scratch Mommy Skincare Goodies!

Hello, friend! Ready to DIY your own Scratch Mommy skincare…? Today we bring you the DIY skincare post that trumps all other DIY...

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Real Food Recipes

Say “ALOHA” to Fitness and Food + A Recipe for Spiced Vanilla Protein Powder Bread

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Aloha, but all my opinions are my own....

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Parenting The Future

How Country Music Makes me a Better Mama

I’m completely aware of the irony: music that esteems pretty girls, getting drunk, and getting drunk to forget pretty girls is supposed...

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