Introducing Our Homesteading Contributors

As the Editor in Chief and Editor of the homesteading section of Scratch Mommy, I am so thrilled to be creating content with such an...

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Projects From Scratch

Introducing our DIY Contributors Part 2

I was introduced to the world of “Life From Scratch” at a fairly young age. My Dad was a builder and my mom was an artist,...

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Products From Scratch

Introducing our DIY Contributors (Part 1)

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself “How did I not know this person before? We’re kindred spirits!”...

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Real Food Recipes

Countryside Peach Bars

I love to freeze summertime fruits to enjoy them through the colder seasons. This summer we couldn’t resist the beautiful, fresh...

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Parenting The Future

Introducing Parenting Contributors – Part Two

In Part One, I introduced you to three of our amazing parenting contributors: Salma Dinani, Amanda Lopes and Jennifer Boudreau. Are you...

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Things We Love

Scratch Mommy Community

A no peeling required crockpot recipe for all those baskets of apples you have on your counter!

No Peel Crockpot Applesauce

Fall: Changing leaves, a crispness to the air, pumpkin pie and our annual autumn family apple picking trip. Oh how I love this season and...

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