DIY All-Natural, Extra Hold Beard Balm

Lumber sexual. Beard appeal. According to Pinterest: a passport to awesome. Chances are probably higher than ever that you have someone close to you that is rocking a beard. And if you are close ... Continue Reading

Lemon Balm Oat Straw Tea Recipe (ease stress and anxieties)

The end of the year with the holidays and everything else that comes along with it can be overwhelming for many people. Some of us love the holidays, but still get overwhelmed with long to-do ... Continue Reading

DIY Carpet Powder (freshens, cleans, deodorizes, AND disinfects!)

Do you remember that time you spent four hours shampooing the living room carpet?  ...Nope? Well let me tell you, you’re lucky. Stinky, gross carpets are no fun, but cleaning them with ... Continue Reading

DIY Holiday Potpourri (for your home and give as gifts!)

There is no other time of year with such a distinct scent as the Holidays. It is a sweet, Earthy, and a bit spiced scent that can transport you years back, while still exciting you for the joy ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Calming Essential Oils (and how to use them!)

Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years, but many are just now realizing their benefits, including myself. Until a few years ago the only essential oil I knew of was tea tree oil. ... Continue Reading

How To Do An Herbal Facial Steam (with 3 recipes!)

Sometimes you just need a little pampering. Sometimes your face decided to develop the Mt. Everest of pimples. Sometimes you have more blackheads on your nose than you care to count. All of these are ... Continue Reading

Thyme Infused Honey (and how to use it!)

As a mother, there is nothing worse than having a sick kid. You want to make them feel better, but there is only so much that you can do. When that sick child has a cough, you feel even worse. If ... Continue Reading

Dry Roasted Chickpeas (a snack or side dish!)

My daughter started full day kindergarten in September and while I knew she'd be tired after school, I had no idea she would also be ravenous. She bounds off the school bus and heads straight for ... Continue Reading

Natural Beauty November – Instagram Challenge!

Are you a natural beauty lover? Whether you are the seasoned DIY skincare gal or a buy all the natural makeups diva, you will want to check out Natural Beauty November!!!! Starting November 1st, 2015, this blog (as well as a few others) will be hosting a November Instagram challenge. I love photo challenges! They really challenge you to take photos everyday, get creative, share what you already love, and meet new people to follow! If you have never participated in an Instagram challenge, you should definitely give it a try!
... Continue Reading

Vodka Disinfectant Spray Recipe

There comes a time in every home when a little disinfecting is in order on top of the normal day-to-day cleaning routine. Some exposure to germs is good for us, helps build our immune systems, and ... Continue Reading

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