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Fall Gardening: What to Plant and When

Fall gardening call roll around on you in a blink of an eye. Here is a trick to determine whether or not you can still plant veggies in your fall garden and how to extend your harvest.

Today's fantabulous post comes from Claire Trost over at The Blog Bloom. She has some great gardening tips on her blog and some delicious *real food* recipes... make sure to check her out on her social media platforms. In this post, she's talking all things fall gardening -- especially what to plant, when to plant it, and how to calculate if it's too late to plant a specific veggie. With temperatures at their highest of the summer all around the country, it’s hard to believe that … Continue reading →

The Benefits of Being Raised by an Alcoholic Mom

Being raised by an alcoholic parent is not easy. This is a story of a woman who decided to turn her life around and find the benefits out of her experience so she can raise her children right.

I am really happy for you guys to meet Amanda from Refocus on Being. She has graciously opened up and shared her story about the things she has learned from being raised by an alcoholic mom, and how it plays an important role in her life now as she … Continue reading →

An Effective Natural Remedy for Severe Mosquito Bites

Severe mosquito bites are no joke. Read this story of a mom who finally found her son an effective, natural remedy for severe mosquito bites.

Nothing is more worse then seeing your child suffering in pain-- especially when you can't do anything about it. In this case, Loriel's toddler, Andrew, developed a severe reaction to bug bites (with an emphasis on mosquito bites). This can be a … Continue reading →

DIY Sunburn Salve

This DIY sunburn salve is really easy to make and only contains a few ingredients that you most likely already have.

I'm excited to have Samantha from Sweet Potatoes and Social Change here today! She likes to write about small space living, DIY, and health related topics. Her social media links are below, so make sure you show her some love. Today she is sharing a … Continue reading →

An Herbal DIY Poison Ivy Remedy

Need a natural remedy for poison ivy? This herbal DIY poison ivy remedy contains healing weeds like jewelweed and plaintain, along with essential oils.

I'm excited for you to meet Jessica! She blogs over at Simply Healthy Home and has tons of home remedies and how to's on her blog. Definitely go check her out and show her some love. Today, she's sharing an herbal DIY poison ivy remedy which is … Continue reading →

10 Life Lessons I Learned Being Raised on a Dairy Farm

Being a farmer is not for everyone. When you're raised on a dairy farm you learn life lessons that will impact your life forever.

Being a farmer is not for everyone. Owning and operating a small family farm is hard work, lacks vacation and sick days and is not on the high end of the pay scale. Animals don't care that it is Christmas or if you're tired -- they rely on you to … Continue reading →

Herbal DIY Scouring Powder

An herbal DIY scouring powder that is easy to make and super effective at cleaning!

I'm sooo excited to have Jamie back from How To Just About Anything! If you don't remember, she created an UhMaaaZing calendula infused and naturally tinted DIY lip balm for us a while back. Today she's sharing her super easy, super effective … Continue reading →

2 Minute DIY Laundry Detergent

Want to make laundry detergent from scratch? This recipe uses natural ingredients, does not require heating and can be made in 2 minutes!

As we each take our own journey deeper into natural living, the thought of making things from scratch crosses our mind at some point in time. By creating home and beauty products from scratch, it allows us to take control of the ingredients that are … Continue reading →